Hot Girls in Trench Coats on Bikes

fine lookin' ladies in trench coats ridin' bicycles.

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edinburgh cycle chic
the viewfinder
wroclaw cycle chic
franz-michael s. mellbin

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jakub kris
hungarian cycle chic 

you’ve seen a glimpse of her already, but here she is in her full glory… Meet Jenny (another tool in my quest for a healthier lifestyle, and also possibly a side effect of watching too much Call the Midwife). She’s a vintage ladies 7 speed lite in mint green from @reidcycles. The Smartcar is yet to be introduced to the new addition to the family but like all new parents I’m hoping they get on okay.

Cycling in Amsterdam is truly amazing. The guy in front was also riding with one hand and eating fries with the other.
bjarne erick

Woman wearing trenchcoat on granny bike with crate. Downtown, Amsterdam.
belgium cycle chic